05/19/2012 - Tom Bancroft's Appearance Schedule for 2012 is now available!

03/21/2012 - Added a new blog with sketches of Pirate Mermaids and Zantanna!

03/20/2012 - Added a new blog explaining the mysteries of TIMING CHARTS for traditional animation!

03/10/2012 - The cool art/concept/ design website ARTSKETCH.org has just posted an extensive interview with Tom Bancroft on their site here: Tom tells a bunch of stories about creating Mushu, breaking into Disney animation, goals for the future, and what the heck is his new book about?

02/24/2012 - Focal Press, publisher of my new book CHARACTER MENTOR, has posted all 5 of my DRAWING TIPS videos on their blog. - Check them out!

02/17/2012 - New Sketchblog post with "The Spirit" artwork and other stuff!

02/16/2012 - Character Mentor Studio website launches!